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Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy is a form of bodywork specifically designed to help athletes achieve their best performance and recover from injuries. It focuses on areas of the body that are overused or injured due to playing sports, such as muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. This type of massage therapy works to improve circulation, reduce muscle fatigue and soreness, increase flexibility and range of motion, help speed healing from injuries, reduce pain and inflammation, and provide overall support for the athlete’s physical performance.

Sports Massage Therapy is ideal for dealing with injuries or as a preventative treatment for dealing with muscle and connective tissue health. It also addresses a range of motion issues, muscle tone, muscle symmetry, balance, and the quality of the individual’s posture.

Additionally, it is used to release tension, reduce pain, restore range of motion, and promote good overall muscle conditioning. The massage therapist achieves this by moving muscles, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue to achieve the desired effect.

What Techniques Are Used?

As sports massage therapists we use several massage techniques. This involves stroking the muscles or muscle groups, isolating specific muscles, and creating movement at varying depths within the muscle to strengthen and relax. We do this by isolating specific muscles and using passive/subtle movements to break down tensions or adhesions, separating the connective tissue to alleviate the injury or symptom.

However, one does not need to have a serious physical issue to greatly benefit from sports massage. On the contrary, it is now more common for athletes of all ages and experience levels to seek the services of a trained sports massage therapist to enhance performance. There are typically five time periods when sports massage is appropriate:

  • Pre-event
  • Inter-event
  • Post-event
  • Rehabilitation
  • Maintenance

At Lifepath Dental & Wellness, we can combine this treatment along with other services, such as chiropractic, physiotherapy, acupuncture, and naturopathic so you can get the maximum benefits and help you achieve your best!

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