Candice Fargey

Candice Fargey trained at Rocky Mountain Academy in 1995, the highest level of available training for massage therapy in the area at that time. She started her career in Strathmore with a local favorite therapist, Shirley Laychuk, who really took Candice’s practice to a new level.

Clients allowed the two to work on them at the same time and would give feedback regarding pressure and placement in order to mimic many of Shirley’s well known healing abilities. Since then, she has taken further courses, including sports massage and clinics regarding new techniques and treatments for many common conditions.

Many of Candice’s clients become repeat clientele. Twenty years of experience has been an invaluable asset to Candice’s massage practice, and she is excited to continue her career and get her hands on some new bodies at Lifepath!

“I am a firm believer in finding the therapist that works best for you. There are many combinations of abilities, pressure, and personality and it is important for each client to feel comfortable according to their needs.”

Candice has also been running her own successful home business while raising four boys.

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