Colby Jenkins

Colby Jenkins has been a Registered Massage Therapist since graduating from Lethbridge College in April 2014, upon completing 2200 practicum hours. She began her massage career in Lethbridge, Alberta, massaging at an acupuncture clinic and learning a lot about how the two healing modalities complement each other.

Colby has been a massage therapist at Lifepath Wellness since May 2015, and she really enjoys the wonderful calming environment of the Medspa. She specializes in Swedish relaxation techniques but also loves to give a more therapeutic and deep tissue massage. She has also become certified in Shockwave therapy, a modality which uses a special machine to break up any built-up scar tissue in previously injured or strained areas. She is very passionate about holistic healing modalities and believes that if given the opportunity, the body has the ability to heal. She believes that a massage is an amazing tool everyone should have on their list of self-care techniques.

Colby is also a certified Personal Trainer through Canada Fitness Professionals, giving her a lot of experience and knowledge of the best ways to handle certain types of sports injuries, how to strengthen areas of the body to avoid repetitive injury, and the best stretches to continue self-care at home after the massage is completed.

When she is not massaging, Colby enjoys working as a Nutrition and Health Coach, riding her horses and barrel racing, exercising such as running, swimming, lifting weights, and yoga, as well as spending time with her friends, family, boyfriend, and dog Reo.

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